merry making

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We’ve been busy decking the halls (pretty much the same way we did last year…so I thought I’d just give you a link to those pictures instead of taking duplicates.) This year, I’m happy to report, I didn’t injure myself, which made the decorating infinitely more enjoyable.

How many cookies can one person bake? Well, my friend Rachel, over at Ideas Baked Fresh, is way ahead of me. 360 dozen? What the what? But, I am making 6 different kinds this year, and 5 different flavors of chocolate truffles. The house smells like I imagine the Keelber elf tree kitchen does…warm and cinnamony and buttercreamy 🙂

I’m crocheting like a nut, and I think I’m coming down with a fresh case of what Jeff likes to call “crocheter’s claw.” (Where my hand sort of takes on the shape of a claw from all of the crocheting.) I’ve also fallen victim to “knitter’s paw,” another Jeff-ism. (This is a malady where the sufferer actually gets blisters on her/his fingertips from too much knitting.) And it all happens because I convince myself that yes it is possible to crochet/knit 50 scarves in three weeks 🙂

So, I’m off to bake and create. What are you up to?



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