“Priceless” by Dana Stenholtz

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I just love this article that Dana wrote! So sweet! Enjoy.


The two loves of my life are my nieces.

Elyse and Aubrey are 7 and 5, and anything Auntie Dana gives them is special. That is one of the best things about kids. They don’t know if you spent five dollars or 5,000 dollars… and it doesn’t matter! What matters is that you love them. This does my heart good, in many ways. I would give them the world, if I could.

Instead, I went to the dollar section of a craft store and bought them each a heart-shaped notepad and a rubber heart-shaped ring that flashes colorful lights at you if you push on it.

Then, I dug out my markers and wrote them a poem.

All of the lines are personal, and they will get the meaning. And that’s what counts. The final touch was some sticker jewels, pink ones in the shape of an “E” on Elyse’s notebook, and red ones in the shape of an “A” on Aubrey’s. Each little heart-shaped page finished the sentence, “I love you as…”

I Love You As…

Sweet as the sweetest candy.
Warm as the summer sun.
Sloppy as a puppy’s kisses.
Soft as a kitten’s fur.
Cozy as a fuzzy blanket.
Big as the sky.
Long as forever.
Goofy as a giggle fit.
Crazy as a dance.
Happy as your biggest smile.
Pure as the first snowfall.
Beautiful as a star-filled night.
Smelly as a flower garden.
Peaceful as a cool breeze.
Silly as a pillow fight.
Exciting as Christmas morning.
Yummy as your favorite lunch.
Pleasant as an angel’s song.
Comforting as hugs and kisses.
Gigantic as an elephant.
Sparkly as fairy dust.
Magical as the best dream ever.
Real as a prayer.
Closely as a whispered secret.
I love you…
…so much that even a thousand hearts wouldn’t be able to hold it all!

Elyse said to me once, when she was about three years old, “Auntie, I love you as big as the sky and as long as forever.”

That’s what it’s all about. That kind of love is priceless.

~Dana Stenholtz

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