hearts, paper, scissors

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It’s the beginning of our week of Valentine treats! Just like last year, I’ll feature something for you having to do with love, friendship and romance every day for a week. Enjoy…

~Valentine Treat 1~

Homemade Valentines & Envelopes

I made my valentines using cream colored card stock for the base and wallpaper hearts from sample books. There’s a little wallpaper and carpet store downtown Red Wing that sells sample books for $2 a piece! I always try to nab the Ralph Lauren ones. Such pretty paper for all different kinds of crafts!

I picked up a tablet of “cartapaglia di alfabet” craft paper for making the envelopes. Beautiful paper with little multi-colored flecks in it.

I used the pattern and instructions in this book for making hand-stitched envelopes…

The Crafter’s Project Book by Mary Ann Hall & Sandra Salamony

photographs by Melissa Placzek

To make the hand-stitched paper envelopes:

1) Cut a rectangle from decorative paper three times longer and 2″ wider than the card you wish to enclose. Fold rectangle in thirds along the long edge. Fold edge of bottom third forward 1″ and sew in place with a decorative cross stitch.

2) Fold long edges 1/2″ to the inside. Fold back finished bottom section in place and blanket-stitch sides to seal.

3) Trim top third section to desired size plus 1/2″ to make closing envelope flap. Fold edge 1/2 ” to the front and sew with a decorative hand stitch.

Have fun!



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