Six Senses Saturday

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“The earth and every common sight, to me did seem appareled in celestial light, the glory and the freshness of a dream.” ~William Wordsworth

Six Senses Saturday was something I started right before my blog went on sabbatical early this past summer… Someone recently told me they liked it…so, I’m going to start making this something I post every Saturday. Enjoy 😉


vibrant fall leaves…

crowds of enthusiastic Red Wing Art Festival visitors…

pretty fall flowers and kale in the flower boxes on main street…


kettle corn popping

gyros grilling




fresh orchard apple cider


this sweetly addictive music


crunchy oak leaves under my bare feet and warm sunlight on my face every time I go out on the back deck


how lucky I am that I get to go on a date with the cutest hubby this evening 😉


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