Writing Under the Oaks~Artisan Cheese & Crackers for One

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“Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.” ~William Wordsworth

The sun was shining bright through the canopy of oak trees when I took my notebook and a pile of magazines out to the deck yesterday afternoon.

I also brought my sparkle pen which was a gift from my friend Tracy…it ‘bedazzles’ my hand with glitter when I write with it…and I believe it to be a sort of magic wand that adds enchantment to my writing.

I listened to the tranquil song of the wind chime that hangs on our porch.

I made up a little cheese plate that was SO good I had to share the details with you so you can make up one for yourself…. Black River gorgonzola, sesame-tarragon crackers and Sarabeth’s Apricot jam…and a little pinot grigio for sipping…


What are your favorite relaxing rituals and simple pleasures?


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