restaurant style salsa


I love the fresh, warm, homemade tortilla chips served at our favorite local Mexican restaurant… and when they bring out the bowls of freshly made salsa… oh MY! One of my favorite treats. Here’s a delicious recipe for restaurant-style salsa that is soooo good, and easy to make! Now you can enjoy the flavors of…

scenes from the past week


There was a three year time span while I was growing up when my parents rented a big, rambling, old-school farm house in northern Minnesota. It was ancient and gorgeous and sat on an acre of land, surrounded by towering pine trees. My mom planted an enormous garden in our back yard during those summers.…

the ultimate chocolate chip zucchini muffins {gluten free}


It’s another hot, steamy day out there today. We went for a hike on the Cannon Valley trail and then had some lunch at the Red Wing Brewery. BEST. PIZZA. EVER! Now we’re relaxing in the AC, sipping wine and planning tomorrow’s outing. Maiden Rock Swimming Hole here we come! Tonight we’re grilling up some…

midori melon mojito


Wheeeee! It’s Friday! Tonight we’re headed across the Minnesota/Wisconsin border to a favorite riverside restaurant that does an amazing fish fry. I’ve been craving it all week. This weekend we’re looking to spend some time in the water. It’s been so hot here! We haven’t decided if we’re going tubing down the Cannon river, to…

middle eastern burgers + greek yogurt cucumber mayonnaise


We’re getting into eating healthy in our house. We’re eating piles of vegetables and fruit, sprouted whole grains, lean meats and fish, and lots of plain greek yogurt. I never understood how people could eat 4 to 6  smaller meals a day instead of the three “square” meals that I grew up with, but now…

jack daniel’s peachy shortcakes


Today was one of those beautiful, temperate, amazing days in the Mississippi river valley. Not too hot, not too cold and not too humid. We hung out on the deck with friends and family this afternoon, grilled some yummy burgers, had a couple drinks and talked the day away. Love days like this. Here’s a…

japanese restaurant-style salad


The flavors of this salad will transport you to your favorite Japanese restaurant. It’s loosely adapted from Gwyneth Paltrow’s awesome cookbook It’s All Good. I made a few major tweaks to the recipe and I just love it. If you choose to use the Nori-Sesame Sprinkle over the top of this salad, it tastes a…

thai peanut chicken noodle bowl {crock pot recipe}


This little recipe was a big hit on our vacation! We made it for dinner one day and had it for lunch the next. The flavor combination is amazing! ~ serves 6 ~ 16 oz. medium salsa (I used Newman’s Own Pineapple) 13 oz. creamy peanut butter 15 oz. coconut milk (I used lite) 2…

ranch chicken tacos {crock pot recipe}


Here’s another recipe we tried while vacationing “Up North” this past week. I adore using my Crock Pot in the summer! So easy and you can still make hearty meals when it’s too hot to cook! Yay! These tacos are perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner. ~ serves 6 to 8 hungry people ~ 2…