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Yesterday I received two Kreativ Blogger Awards! The first was from the gorgeous Allison of The French Whisk, and the second was from my new beautiful blogger friend, Brianne, of Cupcakes & Kale Chips. Thanks ladies! I am so honored and excited to pass this award on to 12 of my favorite bloggers (6 for each one I received.)

To properly accept this award, I am to list 10 random facts about myself. Here goes…

* the texture of cotton balls drives me crazy

*  bowling alleys and roller rinks scare me

* I have written 3 books. (2 of which are currently published.) I am in the process of writing 2 more…and I have been commissioned to illustrate books for 2 other people.

* I became a grandmother at the age of 38

* I love watermelon rind pickles more than any kind of candy

* I’m somewhat allergic to mangoes, but that doesn’t keep me from eating them

* My favorite colors are red, orange and pink. In that order.

* I am the most stubborn person I know, and once I set my mind on something absolutely nothing will stop me from reaching my goal

* I live in an old Victorian cottage, but I dream of a home with an ultra-modern, open floor plan with tons of natural light, and minimalist “zen” decorating

* I taught myself to crochet by watching youtube videos

The blogs I’m passing this award to:

Chocolate Chocolate and More

A Sassy Redhead

The Thrifty Gourmet Cooks

La Difference Catering

Ally’s Kitchen

Sumptuous Spoonfuls

The Full Belly Sisters

Mia’s Domain

Chef in Disguise

Cooking with Nettie

Katherine Martinelli

A Clove of Garlic, A Pinch of Salt

Congratulations lovely ladies!



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