Repurposing Idea ~ Jars of Delight

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Valentine Treat 3

~Jars of Delight~

“Every object, every being is a jar full of delight. Be a connoisseur.”


photographs by Melissa Placzek

A sweet idea for giving Valentines to your best friends! Just buy a bunch of small, quilted canning jars… Put a little circle of vintage fabric or a cupcake paper between the seal and lid ring…and fill with your friends’ favorite things…

~earrings or a ring

~little bottles of Lollia perfume

~chocolates and other candies

~conversation hearts

-a cool fortune you got in a fortune cookie

~confetti and scrapbook embellishments


~Tickets for :


-a movie

-a manicure

-spa treatment

-a mocha or latte


-a pizza delivered to their home

Use your imagination and have fun!



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