Graceful Gossamer

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In my book “Welcome Home-Simple Tips for Turning Your House Into a Luxurious Retreat” on page 36, I have written the instructions for creating a gossamer canopy for over your bed. This Graceful Gossamer Canopy is easy and inexpensive to make and it takes about 5 minutes.

Simply hang a wreath or pretty ring style towel hanger on the wall, centered over your bed, about 3 feet above your headboard. Drape gossamer bridal netting through the wreath (or ring) so it hangs evenly over the sides of your bed and “puddles” on the floor on both sides (buy about 7 yards.)

Recently, while paging through a magazine, I noticed someone had decorated their front porch with gossamer curtain panels that were fluttering in the breeze. What a wonderful summer look! So pretty.

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