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Two Gorgeous Summer Wines

If you’re always looking for new wines to try (like I am) than you’ve come to the right place. 🙂 Beaucanon Estate Trifecta 2001– This is an especially great wine to serve with grilled red meat and kabobs. A perfect combination of currant, Fuji apples, mint, licorice, and rose petals. La Crema Russian River Valley…

Wine Tasting Notes: Hey Mambo Swanky White Wine

This wine is exceptonally elegant. Perfect for those special summer soirees. With a sumptuous combination of crisp Suavignon Blanc, seductive Viognier, sweet Muscat and elusive Chenin Blanc…This romantic summer wine is the equivelant of a fragrant flower market. Orchids, French lavender, lilacs, green apple and peach blossoms prevail. Crispy notes of Chinese Apple Pears and…

Wine Tasting Notes: Foley Chardonnay

foley chardonnay

Foley Chardonnay was one of the wines I tried while dining at The Harbor View Cafe in Pepin Wisconsin a couple weeks ago. This was a fantastic glass of wine that paired well with my lunch of Hawaiian swordfish with chimichurri. Golden color, lush creamy texture. Aromas of pear, tangerine, grapefruit, cantaloupe, and butterscotch.

Wine Tasting Notes : Conundrum


This sweet summer wine is named “Conundrum” because of the many varietals of grapes used to create it. It poses sort of a wine “puzzle” for anyone who is into tasting wine. I absolutely love it! It’s especially nice to serve while eating al fresco. I am not usually a fan of sweet wines, but…