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Appropriate woods for grilling


Adding wood to your coals before grilling can add depth and flavor to the meats you grill. We have been experimenting with grapevines and fresh herbs. Have fun with this and let me know what you find out Here is a list of woods suitable for grilling and smoking: * ACACIA – these trees are…

Spa Cuisine: French Chocolate Breakfast Croissants


This is a fun and easy recipe to add to an impromptu breakfast in bed. This recipe was first published on page 108 of my second book “Welcome Home.” French Breakfast Croissants (called Pain Au Chocolat in France) Simply roll some dark chocolate chips into refrigerated, pre-made, refrigerated crescent roll dough. make sure all of…

Spa Cuisine: A is for… Alphabet Soup!

nursery foods

In honor of Mother’s Day this past weekend, this recipe is for the kiddos (and you too!) Who doesn’t secretly love to indulge in some of the comforting “nursery” foods from their youth? In my opinion this dish can still be called “Spa Cuisine,” because it is good for the body and soul. This soup…

Caribbean Mango Crisp


I found this recipe in one of my favorite books of all time, “An Embarrassment of Mangoes” by Ann Vanderhoof. This book transported me to the Caribbean in the middle of one of those Minnesota winters you’re pretty sure will never end. I’ve made this recipe at least 50 times (and a couple times for…