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easy black forest tiara cake


Happy Friday, Lovelies. I’ve been going through my dishes and getting a couple boxes together for my daughter Andie who is moving soon. I have SO so many dishes from my food photography studio that my cupboards, armoires and hutches are bursting at the seams. Definitely  time to go through and get rid of the…

german coleslaw


Rain is falling outside my studio window and I can hear church bells in the distance and cars driving by on wet streets. It’s dark and grey out there and I’ve been happily listening to the radio and cooking the day away. My grandparents visited today and we celebrated my grandma Darling’s birthday. Jeff grilled…

applesauce pancakes with guinness stout chocolate syrup


Happy Birthday to me! We’re headed out here in a little while to go celebrate with my BFF, Jana! I’m so excited. I’ll be back later with a “Scenes From My Week” post as promised….but I just had to drop off this pancake recipe. Thanks for all the emails and the interest. This is actually…

bacon & ale beef roast with homemade gravy


It’s day two of Spring break and we’ve been busy with our everyday work stuff,  with creative endeavors and of course making time to have fun. Yesterday Gracie and I had tea and lunch at Barnes & Noble, looked at magazines and bought some books. Today we’re going to start decorating the house IN PINK…

the sassy rachel


I took this photo today while watching Breaking Dawn Part 2 (again), and sipping my Whispering Pines Apple Cinnamon Oolong. I was sitting at the table I moved into the living room, right in front of the TV. I had the house to myself. When that happens I do what I want. I stay in…

parsley olive oil boiled potatoes


Ahhhh… a relaxing day at home with the house to myself. Doesn’t happen very often. I’m watching movies, doing a little knitting, a little illustrating, and a little reading. I’m making my mom’s go-to comfort food dinner tonight…a Minnesota favorite called “Hurry Up Dinner,” aka…the humble hamburger casserole. Do you have a favorite, easy, frugal…

baked apples & cream


I spent most of the day writing, and am just now surfacing to write a blog post to share with all of you. Sometimes it’s hard to switch gears after a day of intense creativity, know what I mean? I made these delicious baked apples with cream last week as a side dish for a…

fried apple & cheddar kielbasa


Christmas vacation begins today at around noon. I’m cleaning our cottage, freshening things up for the family gatherings and festivities to come. As soon as I got up this morning I could hear the icy wind whipping around outside. Without even checking the weather, it was easy to tell that it would be a fleece,…

healthy crockpot chicken stroganoff


Have you ever tried to make a light, boneless-skinless, chicken dish in your crockpot only to end up with a dried out, inedible chunk of meat by the time you’re ready to eat? I had pretty much given up on trying to make anything except barbecue chicken drummies in my crockpot…and then I learned a…

sweet potato & apple latkes


One of my favorite flavor combinations is sweet potatoes mixed with apples and onions. These little hashbrown-style latkes are a beautiful accompaniment to pork loin stuffed with apricots or a hearty beef roast that’s been slow cooked in a Dutch oven with horseradish. 2 large sweet potatoes, peeled and grated 1 cup grated apple 1…