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Creating Ambience While You Cook


photograph by Melissa Placzek Cooking the evening meal is one of my favorite things to do. I light candles, play a soothing CD, and sip a glass of wine as I cook. I like to have a fragrant bouquet of flowers of a bowl of tangy lemons on the counter to delight my senses when…

Graceful Gossamer


In my book “Welcome Home-Simple Tips for Turning Your House Into a Luxurious Retreat” on page 36, I have written the instructions for creating a gossamer canopy for over your bed. This Graceful Gossamer Canopy is easy and inexpensive to make and it takes about 5 minutes. Simply hang a wreath or pretty ring style…

Luxurious Retreat Tip: “Be My Guest” a B&B Bedroom at iVillage


by Melissa Placzek Dreaming of a comfy, cozy room your guests can call their own? Transform an extra room into a bed-and-breakfast-style getaway with little luxuries that are sure to pamper and please. Little Guest Room Luxuries A sewing kit Fresh, 300+ thread count, cotton sheets Fresh quilts Mooshy towels and washcloths Polished furniture and…

Luxurious Retreat Tips : Taking a Vacation at Home (Staycation)


photograph by Melissa Placzek “Ah, there is nothing like staying at home for real comfort.” -Jane Austen If you are anything like me, you LOVE going on vacation. Seeing new sights, hearing new sounds, eating interesting new foods, and absorbing the feel and textures of a new place are the things that make the vacation…