Spa Cuisine Recipes

marinated veggie grill


We love grilled veggies along with our grilled chicken, steak and pork chops. The very best way to make grilled veggies is to use a grill wok. We always marinate our vegetables for several hours prior to grilling. It adds tons of flavor and minimal calories. ~ this makes enough as a side dish for…

chunky tomato ketchup {crock pot recipe}


This homemade ketchup tastes so good and it’s sooooo much healthier than the store bought stuff. Try it in place of regular ketchup in recipes, and of course on burgers and fries! 3 lb. juicy, ripe tomatoes, cut into big chunks 23 oz. tomato sauce 2 small onions (or one large), chopped 3 celery ribs…

{just like harlow’s} betty bowl


I am positively smitten with making different dinner bowls these days. Ask Jeff and Gracie There’s always plenty of healthy ingredients in the fridge just waiting to be made into a yummy combination of flavors. I have found that having high protein ingredients and lots of veggies at the ready is absolutely KEY to eating…

healthy hubby chocolate ice cream


I’m sure you’ve all heard about (and probably sampled) Ben & Jerry’s “Chubby Hubby” ice cream. Well, this isn’t that. This is actually frozen yogurt (but you don’t have to tell anyone.) It’s rich and creamy and soooooo chocolaty. I used agave nectar in place of sugar in this recipe so you can rejoice while…

mussels in arrabbiata sauce


Oh my goodness… My cooking regimen has become pretty lazy this last month or so. I’m all about getting in and out of the kitchen quickly, making as small of a mess as possible, and not heating up the whole house for hours on end. This is one of my favorite things to make in…

koshary bowl {egyptian street food}


I like making a big pot of rice and beans, whole grain pasta, or quinoa at the beginning of every week so we have a good base for healthy “bowl” lunches. This makes a bunch so you’ll have enough for quick lunches all week or to feed a big crowd (your vegetarian friends will love…

berry love salad {with creamy balsamic dressing}


Yet another tempting salad to entice you makes 4 large dinner salads: 8 cups spring greens, arugula or baby spinach 8 oz. crumbled feta cheese or chevre 2 cups hulled, sliced fresh strawberries 2 cups fresh blueberries or black berries 4 thick slices purple onion, chopped 4 large grilled chicken breasts, cut into strips and…

cream sherry sesame vinaigrette


Whoa! It’s hot outside today. I SO appreciate no-cook recipes, crock pot recipes and recipes for the grill on days like this. Here’s a wonderfully versatile vinaigrette I created that is yummy on salads, grilled vegetables and oven-roasted root veggies. It’s easy to prepare and will last in your refrigerator for a week. In a…

hawaiian cold ginger chicken plate lunch {in a jar}


Looking for a wonderful, filling, healthy lunch that you can take with you? I made up a few of these this past Sunday for our picnic at the local swimming hole and they were a hit! They’re easy to prepare and the perfect, satisfying meal after a long swim in the great outdoors. I adapted…

restaurant style salsa


I love the fresh, warm, homemade tortilla chips served at our favorite local Mexican restaurant… and when they bring out the bowls of freshly made salsa… oh MY! One of my favorite treats. Here’s a delicious recipe for restaurant-style salsa that is soooo good, and easy to make! Now you can enjoy the flavors of…