Spa Cuisine Recipes

cajun shrimp & sausage etouffee


I enjoyed a day at home, alone today. It was so nice to get my workout done and then read some Little House while taking a long, candlelit bubble bath. After my bath I put on my jammy pants and watched two episodes of THIS awesome show while working on a knitting project. In January…

green goddess deviled eggs with bacon


These deviled eggs are a new, healthier twist on the old, favorite classic. I make these for virtually every holiday and they also make an awesome addition to a breakfast, brunch or game day buffet! This recipe makes extra deviled egg filling than you’ll need to fill the eggs. I like to serve it in…

matzo ball soup


This has most definitely been the winter of soup! I’ve been enjoying the process of creating new soup recipes and sharing them with all of you… annnnnd, I have a very special project in the hopper. Eep! Wait for it…. This is such a lovely, elegant soup. Jeff and Grace love it. There’s something so…

avocado grapefruit salad


Hello, Lovelies It’s the beginning of another week and I’ve already been out in my kitchen preparing new recipes to share with all of you. Lots of new comfort foods, soups, chilis, and even a few sweet treats. I meant to post the recipe for this easy, healthy salad closer to the Christmas holiday because…

roasted red pepper & tomato soup


I just went outside to take a picture of this yummy soup and almost froze my fingers off trying to get it just right. It’s below zero out there today so I made it a quick photo session. I think serving soup in teacups is so pretty, so really, the teacup did all the work.…

paleo tacos


Oh myyyyyyyy…. Are you ready for this? 100% Paleo tacos! You heard that correctly! I am so excited to share this recipe with you. Tacos are one of my favorite foods and I am definitely going to be making these on a weekly basis. They’re yummy and very healthy! I used cooked chicken seasoned with…

paleo tortillas


You aren’t going to believe how easy and wonderful these Paleo tortillas are! They definitely don’t taste like traditional, corn tortillas, but they’re delicious and have a unique, mild flavor that’s all their own. They’re soft and yet strong enough to hold a bunch of your favorite taco/fajita fillings. We just love them. Paleo people,…

easy yogurt cheese


This cheese is so easy, creamy and delicious. It’s made of 100% Greek yogurt. That’s it! So, it’s definitely good for you too. Substitute this easy, Greek yogurt cheese for cream cheese, goat cheese (montrachet), feta and queso fresco! We adore it on Greek salads and tacos. 32 oz. plain Greek yogurt (any fat content…

meyer lemon poppy seed muffins


Gracie and I created a yummy, super easy, grain free, nut free, gluten free, muffin recipe starring the gorgeous Meyer lemon. These are healthy, moist and delicious. They’d make a great addition to brekky, lunch or tea time! ~ preheat oven to 350 degrees F. ~ 4 large eggs, beaten zest of 1 Meyer lemon…

skillet tomato sauce pork chops


You aren’t going to believe how easy it is to make these yummy, moist pork chops! 4 pork chops, your choice of cut 3 Tablespoons butter 8 oz. tomato sauce 4 Tablespoons tomato paste salt and pepper to taste Heat butter in a large, heavy skillet (I used a cast iron skillet.) Once heated, place…