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scenes from the past couple weeks + mason jar picnic


Lovely, lovely, lovely spring days. Time with family and friends, time to work, time to read and sip rosewater lemonade, time to play, time for a Friday night riverside fish fry, time for blossom-peeping walks around the neighborhood and time to relax. We’re planning a little getaway very soon and I can’t wait to hit…

butternut spinach souffle muffins


Hello Lovelies! As I mentioned in my Apple Butter Oat Muffin post, I am having so much fun playing with all of this Demarle Silpat cooking/ baking stuff. I made these savory muffins to go with soup a couple nights ago and they turned out just as beautiful as the sweet muffins. The flavors remind…

oliver beanblossom strawberry hard cider


I enjoyed a bottle of this refreshing, slightly sweet strawberry apple hard cider after our fishing trip a couple weeks ago. Great accompaniment to a good book and a lazy hour or two on a backyard hammock. Love this stuff! I’mtrying the blueberry next. The cute, painted metal bottle will make a cute bud vase.…

kikkerland monkey tea infuser


Jeff had a meeting in the cities a few days ago and stopped at The Wedge for a few things on his way home. He brought me a few new wonderful teas to try and review for my book and Teatime Tuesday posts. And he brought Gracie this little guy… Kikkerland Monkey Tea Infuser He…

elderflower water


Tea party! My two favorite words I think. I made tea and treats for Jeff, Gracie, Andie and Madeline May today. There is something so beautiful and romantic about getting up early on a Sunday morning in winter, sipping tea and making cucumber sandwiches for a tea party. If someone were to ask me what…

teatime tuesday & 10 things that make me happy


10 things that make me happy 1. sitting under a homemade quilt while watching the beautiful Brit TV show, Downton Abbey, on PBS! 2. a quiet house and a few relaxing hours to myself 3. a sleeping, snoring kitty on the back of the couch 4. lots of yarn 5. tea in my favorite English…

Current Crush ~ Pinhole Cameras & Pinhole Camera Photography


As I explore the art of photography I am enjoying how creative of a medium it can be. I’m currently loving all of the pinhole cameras and photography I’ve come across. GREAT stuff! So beautiful and dreamy. It’s cool because when you take a picture with a pinhole camera you never really know what you’re…