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scenes from summer


Can you believe we’re already in the throes of August and talking about the kids going back to school? The summers always seem to scurry by in a flash, and I just go with the flow. Adding stuff on top of stuff to our calendar until it looks like a complicated math problem. We say…

scenes from the past few weeks


the creamery in nelson wisconsin for lunch with jeff and grace (one of our favorite restaurants) … we bought some yummy cheeses to take home and enjoy later that evening too… snow… lunch at a local pub with my dear friend bonnie. it was so nice to catch up and hear all of her news.…

scenes from the past couple weeks


A Valentine’s Day celebration ~ a date day with the hubby: this movie and a favorite wine bar.. later: pajamas, pink champagne, roses, chocolate, and the Breakfast Club on DVD while we munched our favorite pizza…This winter I’ve been reading an eclectic mix of books. I’m thoroughly enjoying a reread of the Little House Books,…

scenes from the past couple weeks


Fairy princesses and baby cows on Halloween… backyard bonfires by the light of an October moon… Red Wing Brewery beer growlers filled with Pepie’s Porter… lattes at the Red Wing Confectionery and Coffee Shoppe with a friend… brunch at the always amazing Hell’s Kitchen in Minneapolis (salads, Peanut Butter & Bacon Burger, Venison Burger, Huevos…

Serendipity, Tea & Me ~ Part 2


I am positively OVER THE MOON with happiness while telling you all that I am currently working on an article for one of my favorite magazines…TeaTime Magazine! It’s published by Hoffman Publishing (the same darlings that publish my beloved Victoria!)… It’s going to be a feature article called “The Tea Experience,” and I’ll be including…

six senses saturday


seeing :: visions of quilts dancing in my head after working on quilts with my friend Clare on Thursday and Friday. Can’t wait to start sewing my quilt top together next week! I already know what I want to work on next 🙂 tasting :: toasted bagel sandwich with cheddar cheese, smoked turkey, a soft…

teatime tuesday & 10 things that make me happy


10 things that make me happy 1. sitting under a homemade quilt while watching the beautiful Brit TV show, Downton Abbey, on PBS! 2. a quiet house and a few relaxing hours to myself 3. a sleeping, snoring kitty on the back of the couch 4. lots of yarn 5. tea in my favorite English…

tea article


Once again my friend Sandy Erdman has included me in one of her fabulous newspaper articles. Sandy is a columnist for the Rochester Post Bulletin. This time we talked tea. Great article Sandy! Thanks again. ~Melissa

six senses saturday


“Tasting, seeing, experiencing, living– all these demonstrate that there is something common to enlightenment-experience and our sense experience; the one takes place in our innermost being, the other on the periphery of our consciousness.” ~D.T. Suzuki ~Seeing~ This adorable recipe for Krabby Patties penned by Gracie when she was 5… ~hearing~ Christina Perri jar of…