Music Review

season of mists


an early morning sipping scottish breakfast with vanilla almond milk while taking photos on a very misty sorin’s bluff… anniversary flowers and sweet cards from the hubby celebrating our 19th… a few awesome, live music performances including front row seats to this gorgeous, stellar, mind-blowing concert … bbq sandwiches and gyros for lunch at the…

strawberry bruschetta


It’s the morning of my 23rd Mother’s Day and I’m up early. We watched one of my new favorite movies last night after enjoying an incredibly yummy dinner of seared sesame ahi tuna. Jeff was busy in the kitchen preparing that while I made pressed Italian sandwiches and Special-K bars for today’s picnic gathering with…

a valentine playlist


A Week of Valentine Treats ~ Day Four Here is a list of some of my favorite love songs. We like to play an eclectic list as background music for our little annual celebration… Perhaps you’ll find a few songs you like here that you can add to your playlist. A perfect way to serenade…

carnegie chocolate chip brownies


We’ve been celebrating chocolate with a Chocolat Garden Party over on my facebook page this week. It was inspired by the garden party scene on Vianne’s patio.  Oh my goodness! So many wonderful recipes, so little time. I’m having lots of fun hosting these little parties, networking and getting to know new page owners. We’ve…

classic split pea soup with ham & parmesan tuiles


I have to admit I’m getting tired of the overlapping days of snow…snow…snow… Looking forward to Spring now. There have been some vague indicators of it’s arrival. The temperature will rise up to around 40 one day, and the outside air will smell like spring and wet leaves, and icicles dripping from all the housetops……

a six senses post


tasting ~ vouvray, fig sauce, art tea seeing ~ new magazines, kitties sleeping, teapots smelling ~ this yummy, apple scented candle sparkling and glowing on our dining room table feeling ~ yarn, yarn, yarn hearing ~ THIS lovely song by one of my favorite musical artists, Mindy Gledhill knowing ~ “The most important things are…

six senses saturday


seeing ~THIS movie in the theater today… Daniel Craig is the best bond since Connery, just sayin’… candlelight on our front porch for date night… and bittersweet growing like mad among the climbing rose bushes, pine trees and grapevines out in our back yard. feeling ~ close to completing my latest yarn expedition and eager…

six senses saturday ~ misty fall day and scenes from the past week


tasting ~ white chai tea, apple crisp and caramel ice cream, salad, toast and jam and crustless broccoli cheese tearoom quiche…all at a lovely cottage tea lunch that my friend Bonnie hosted this past week…. lots of portobello mushrooms bubbling in a coffee-wine gravy while THIS roast simmered in the oven… tangy-sweet strawberry rhubarb jam…

a six senses post ~ scenes from the past week


feeling ~ happy to have the time to make a special tea lunch for the people I love hearing ~ The new album by Mumford & Sons (Babel)…completely wonderful, mesmerizing music. …and the sound of steamboat calliopes serenading us  from their port in Levee Park downtown Red Wing. seeing ~ leaves turning shades of lemony…