the sassy rachel


I took this photo today while watching Breaking Dawn Part 2 (again), and sipping my Whispering Pines Apple Cinnamon Oolong. I was sitting at the table I moved into the living room, right in front of the TV. I had the house to myself. When that happens I do what I want. I stay in…

stout floats


Blizzard here in Minnesota today! Just when I thought we’d seen the last of the dreaded snow. School was cut short, kids came home early, the kitties are sitting in the bay window watching it fall, and I’m writing to you fine people Yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day and we indulged in some of our…



~ reubens ~ This classic sandwich is our “go-to” St. Patrick’s Day meal. Piles of flavorful corned beef, Polish-style sauerkraut, gooey swiss cheese, buttery toasted marble rye and plenty of creamy thousand island dressing for dipping. It has it all! To make them, just line up the slices of bread the way you would for…

irish potato bake


~ irish potato bake ~ There are little green sprigs of grass sprouting in my yard. It’s a St. Patrick’s miracle! This almost never happens this early in Minnesota. The tender buds on my shrubs, the crocuses in the front bulb garden, Shamrock shakes, Penelope….all of these things are making me want to celebrate this…

The Mysteries of Tea ~ Irish Breakfast


:: Tea of the Week :: Irish Breakfast Irish Breakfast, much like English Breakfast, is a hearty blend of black teas from Sri Lanka and India. It’s the perfect accompaniment to a savory morning meal, or a high tea in the afternoon. On St. Patrick’s day I made a pot of Irish Breakfast tea to…

St. Patrick’s Day 2011


Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Today my grandparents, Andie & Maddie came over for lunch and to celebrate the holiday… I made… Irish Soda bread Joy of Cooking Recipe HERE (I didn’t add caraway seeds to this) Cheddar Ale Soup ~ Beer Cheese Soup ~ 6 cups chicken broth 24 oz. dark beer 2 cups finely…

irish farm bread ~ barmbrack


“…I have never tasted tea like this. It is smooth, pungent, and instantly addicting…’This is from Grand Auntie’, my mother explains…’she told me if I buy the cheap tea, then I am saying that my whole life has not been worth something better. If I buy just a little, then I am saying that my…

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


“A bit o’ blarney and lakes of Killarney will stir each Irish heart. For they bring back memories, bring back sweet memories, That no earthly power can part.” Hello friends! Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Top o’ the mornin’ to ya…hee hee. Do you usually do something special to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? Even if you’re…