shepherd’s pie {crock pot recipe}


Today I went to my grandgirl’s school for Grandparent’s day. Maddie May’s Kindergarten class sang a couple adorable songs to all of us grandparents in the elementary school gymnasium (one of them brought tears to my eyes!), and then we all went to the classroom to read books, play games and color. What a fun…

mini blt cheese puffs with lobster salad


This is a fun appetizer to make any time of year. Most people think BLT and they think summer, which is what makes these such a fantastic, unexpected flavor combination around the holidays. Plus, they’re red and green, so they’re perfect for Christmas! Pair these elegant little gougeres with a crisp, fruity white wine. ~…

strawberry banana ginger smoothie


Here’s a delicious, healthy smoothie recipe with zing! I love the addition of fresh ginger. It’s spicy and has the added benefit of protecting you from colds and flu during the chilly winter months. Bonus! for 2 smoothies: 2 large bananas, sliced 8 ripe strawberries, hulled 2 Tablespoons fresh, grated ginger 2 cups sweetened vanilla…

healthy chocolate pudding {paleo}


Chocolate pudding is one of my favorite sweet treats but I haven’t been eating it very often these days because, let’s face it, it’s usually loaded with sugar and starch. I discovered a whole new way to make pudding that’s not only delicious, it’s completely healthy and Paleo friendly. I made up a batch of…

chewy chocolate chip cookies {paleo recipe}


My daughter, Grace, has been getting creative in the kitchen and cooking up all sorts of healthy, Paleo treats. These are some of the best, chewiest, soft chocolate chip cookies I’ve ever had and the almond flour gives these cookies a wonderful texture and flavor. They’re too good not to share, so here’s the recipe!…

oven roasted potato medley {with sweet chipotle crema}


Oven roasting vegetables really brings out the natural, earthy flavors of each individual vegetable and nothing benefits from oven roasting more than the humble potato. Here I’ve added sweet potatoes to the russets, sprinkled in some cozy spices and topped everything off with a spicy, zesty chipotle crema. You could serve this as a side…

polish cabbage rolls ~ golabki {crock pot recipe}


I’ve been having so much fun cooking Polish food and perusing the stack of Polish cookbooks that my mom gave to me. I think I told you awhile back that I was going to start cooking more Polish food because my husband is Polish and I thought it would be cool to make some authentic…

paleo gingersnaps


These are very tasty little gingersnap cookies that are completely Paleo, but they do have molasses, pure maple syrup and butter in them so don’t eat the whole batch at once They’re particularly good when dunked into a cold glass of almond milk! I made a batch specifically to use as an ingredient in my…

bbq beef sweet potato skins {regular & paleo options}


We’ve been happily and successfully eating Paleo for a couple weeks now, and I have to say I just love it! Once in awhile I stray and have a cucumber sandwich on soft white bread, or I take a bite of a skillet cookie that has just come out of the oven (because come ON,…

hurry up dinner


Oh my goodness… We got more snow! I know it won’t be as exciting once February rolls around, but right now it’s pretty cool. I’m having fun creating comfort food dishes in my kitchen. I’ve made a bunch of new stuff, which has turned out amazing, but sometimes I just like to make tried and…