italian wedding soup


When I woke up this morning, I looked out the window and discovered that the world had been lightly dusted with snow while I was sleeping. It’s so pretty, and snow always makes me want to snuggle in for the day, light candles all over the house, start a fire in the fireplace and make…

five minute brownie bites {no bake}


Oh my goodness! I’ve been so busy! I swear I meant to post this easy little recipe on Friday and the weekend got away from me. All day Saturday was dedicated to car shopping and, after 6 loooong hours at the dealership, I’m proud to announce that we are the owners of a new car.…

teddy bear toddy cocoa


Typically a “toddy” is used as an elixir to soothe the symptoms of the common cold. I decided to create an elixir to soothe frazzled nerves after a marathon stint of holiday shopping at the mall, fighting for a parking spot, elbowing your way through crowds of crazy shoppers, putting up with snotty sales clerks,…

scotch eggs


Scotch eggs are one of my favorite treats to serve for a hearty “high” tea or brunch. They’re so delicious and satisfying. I usually enjoy mine with fresh fruit, crusty toasted bread, a wedge of sharp, white cheddar cheese, some Scottish or English pickle, pickled pearl onions and a little maple syrup, steak sauce, and/or…

bailey’s irish cream cocoa


Oooohhhh! Are you ready for this creamy, dreamy cocoa laced with Bailey’s Irish Cream? Sometimes I make this with the original Baileys and sometimes I make it with my delicious homemade version of Irish cream. Either way it’s delicious and the perfect nightcap to enjoy by the fire while your Christmas lights are twinkling for…

candy cane cocoa


‘Tis the season for sipping warming drinks in front of a crackling fire and listening to Christmas carols while snow falls gently outside. We love cocoa and I have a few yummy recipes that are especially nice to indulge in this time of year. If you like the combination of creamy, homemade cocoa laced with…



Remember the scene in the movie “Elf” where Buddy’s friend, Arctic Puffin, asks him if he wants to eat snowberries? Well, if you haven’t seen Elf yet, you really have to. It’s SO funny! Look for the scene (It’s pretty close to the beginning) and make up a batch of these easy, delicious, vanilla covered…

skillet biscuit pot pie


I couldn’t believe how easy and fast this delicious comfort food meal came together. It takes about 20 minutes from start to finish and you can make the pot pie filling while the biscuits bake in the oven. If you want to just make a classic version of this recipe, substitute cornstarch for the tapioca…

creamy herb bites


I love the little nibbles and noshes being offered at cocktail parties, tea gatherings and dinner parties this time of year. It’s always inspiring to sample and recreate these delicacies in my own kitchen. This is a savory that I sampled while on location doing a photo shoot for a national magazine a few years…

lyonnaise potatoes with parsley & cream


Potatoes are one of my passions. I love them almost every way. I’ve dedicated another blog post to a collection of mouthwatering potato recipes, and even that is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the myriad of ways there are to prepare the humble spud. This is a fantastic dish to…