Date Night With Jeff

prairie picnic


Another beautiful weekend in the Mississippi river valley. Plenty of sunshine punctuated by just enough rain to keep it cool. We sat out on our back porch last night and shared a glass of wine during a sun shower. This happened a couple days ago and a giant double rainbow appeared over Memorial Park (Jeff…

summer pleasures & tea party gardens


The mercury is rising…. time to enjoy our fresh air rooms…. hang lavender scented linens on the clothesline… pack a picnic basket…make a jar of sun tea… take a little summer “staycation”… go to an art fair… read a book at the water park… chase the ice cream truck…take a hammock nap… and just be….…

orzo picnic salad


My birthday week. I can’t remember a birthday week that was ever so rainy, but I’ve been making the best of it. My friends have been bringing me food gifts (which I love), morels and rhubarb and fresh-caught-right-out-of-the-Cannon-river trout! We piled those yummy, buttery morels on toast, baked the rhubarb into crisps and cakes, and…

scenes from the last week


Jeff made awesome crispy chicken salads for dinner a day to myself : candles THIS MOVIE, needlework, iced tea, and garlic bread pizza lilacs blooming all over Red Wing…. we’re planting 8 lilac bushes this year! Gracie sporting her new “Moustache Shades.” while sipping tea… the “incredibly disappearing” strawberry rhubarb crisp… thanks for the rhubarb,…

spring weekending


nature walks… pink bluffs at sunset… hand embroidered pillowcases… a walk downtown to dinner on the patio of a favorite pub… mushroom ravs… wedge salads… painted murals… a stroll on the cannon valley trail… vintage flour sacks turned table squares… vino… newly crocheted cabin blankets… and napping kitties. I hope you all had a wonderful…

scenes from the last couple weeks


sipping THIS TEA roasting THESE POTATOES pouring THIS NA MULLED CIDER for Gracie & Olivia nibbling THIS CHEESE and THIS CHEESE with baguette, vino, olives, pickles & crudite continuing to write my book… toasting country-style bread and frying up mushrooms for THIS CROSTINI wearing THIS PERFUME smelling THIS AWESOME CANDLE SCENT enjoying B&N chai tea…

scenes from the past week


  I’m back! Wow! what a fun weekend we had with the girls. Now I’m cleaning the house after the flurry of activity. On Saturday morning my brother Phillip dropped my darling daughter Andie off at our place for the weekend. He was spending the weekend with my other brother, Terry, who only lives a…

scenes from the last couple weeks


valentine roses & champagne godiva chocolates butterfly line drawings by my dad silly kitten cherry berry treats (I had red velvet! of course!) walnut honey cream cheese bagel with orange marmalade for teatime! dried valentine roses I hope you’ve all been having a beautiful winter…. Much love, Melissa