Date Night With Jeff

apple picnic


a beautiful Saturday spent at the apple orchard. we were there for their annual food and wine event, so we got to sip vino, and listen to live music while sitting in a gazebo next to a golden corn field. just the kind of day we’ve been looking forward to all summer…one that’s sunny, but…

riverside picnic


We were trying to figure out a good place to go to dinner last night where we could sit outside. There are a few places in Red Wing, but in the end we decided to pack a picnic and head to the riverside. We stopped at the market and picked up a rotisserie chicken, French…

staycation days one and two…and the great minnesota get-together!


Evening after work On Tuesday ~ vino and a candlelight dinner on the front porch…Jeff made grilled teriyaki chicken, grilled pineapple/peppers and onion… and I made oven roasted herbed potatoes… Wednesday ~ tea, vanilla buttermilk pancakes, farmer’s market and co-op shopping for fresh ingredients…a leisurely day at home… Thursday ~ Minnesota State Fair! … So…

date night ~ gypsy dinner


Gypsy dinner is fun to put together and will help you use up a ton of those fresh garden veggies and herbs. Play romantic music while you work in the kitchen together and enjoy all the beautiful flavors and textures of these fragrant, colorful ingredients. We always make extra veggies and potatoes so we can…

bacon fig grilled pizza with maple drizzle


I can smell autumn in the air. The mornings and evenings have been cooler and everything sounds different. Crisper. I can hear a train passing through our downtown, and even that sounds different. It must have something to do with the humidity dropping…all of those water droplets must soften the edges of sounds. Last night…

scenes from a summer staycation ~ days one & two


I’m writing to you as I wait for my tea to steep. Gracie has a friend over and they’re sprawled out in sleeping bags in our living room. It’s the beginning of our third day of “staycation” and I have no idea what we’ll end up doing but whatever it is, it will be fun…

sweetie pie dessert pizzas


I know I already told you how fast summer is going by for me. I can hardly believe it’s already August. We have several little “staycations” blocked out so we can savor the last of this delicious season before autumn. How are you making memories this summer? One of our favorite things to cook in…

savory grilled blueberry pizza


We’ve been grilling pizza again and I have a whole list of sweet and savory recipes that I’m eager to share with you. First up….savory blueberry pizza! I know, sounds kinda’ weird. But, TRUST me, it’s amazing. Blueberries are just as wonderful in savory dishes as they are in sweet desserts. They’re not actually a…