Book Review

scenes from the past couple weeks


A Valentine’s Day celebration ~ a date day with the hubby: this movie and this favorite wine bar… later: pajamas, pink champagne, roses, chocolate, and the Breakfast Club on DVD while we munched our favorite pizza…This winter I’ve been reading an eclectic mix of books. I’m thoroughly enjoying a reread of the Little House Books,…

bookmaker’s sandwich


When I first heard the name of this sandwich I was caught up in this beautiful romance trilogy set in Ireland. The author, Nora Roberts, had mesmerized me with the green, earthy setting of the place. One of the main characters owned and operated a charming pub and “built” bookmaker’s sandwiches for his customers, often…

scenes from the past couple weeks


Fairy princesses and baby cows on Halloween… backyard bonfires by the light of an October moon… Red Wing Brewery beer growlers filled with Pepie’s Porter… lattes at the Red Wing Confectionery and Coffee Shoppe with a friend… brunch at the always amazing Hell’s Kitchen in Minneapolis (salads, Peanut Butter & Bacon Burger, Venison Burger, Huevos…

season of mists


an early morning sipping scottish breakfast with vanilla almond milk while taking photos on a very misty sorin’s bluff… anniversary flowers and sweet cards from the hubby celebrating our 19th… a few awesome, live music performances including front row seats to this gorgeous, stellar, mind-blowing concert … bbq sandwiches and gyros for lunch at the…

scenes from the past week


river city days, red wing mn ~ 2014 food truck spinach pizza grilling under the 118 year old oaks in our back yard jeff takes a pic of the steaks sun tea a thrifting/antiquing excursion farmer’s market produce another awesome book enjoyed with iced tea on the front porch wine and willows… a birthday happy…

japanese restaurant-style salad


The flavors of this salad will transport you to your favorite Japanese restaurant. It’s loosely adapted from Gwyneth Paltrow’s awesome cookbook It’s All Good. I made a few major tweaks to the recipe and I just love it. If you choose to use the Nori-Sesame Sprinkle over the top of this salad, it tastes a…

feather bed breakfast souffle


This is a heavenly, savory pudding with lots of gooey cheese. The cornbread and eggs puff up while it bakes and create a fluffy “feather bed” of deliciousness. Serve with freshly squeezed fruit juice (we like passion fruit-pineapple,) candied bacon, and tea. This recipe was loosely adapted from one of my favorite books, Soup &…

grapes of wrath pepperoni pizza


Oh my gosh! Guess what I did today. No, really, guess.  I made… JAM! For the first time ever! Can I just tell you that it really was easier than I thought it would be. I had built up the process in my head until I was kind of scared of it, and now I…

ten grain yogurt quick bread


  I thought about my friend Sonali’s awesome Greek yogurt cookbook today as I played with whole grain bread flour and yogurt in my kitchen. It’s called “The Greek Yogurt Diet,” and it will be available for purchase on April 29th! She kindly asked me to contribute several of my recipes containing greek yogurt and…

tasha tudor’s corgi cottage soup


“I love to make soup and can say with pride that I am famous for it. This is a real winter standby if you live in a cold climate. I make a large iron potful at least once a week, either on the wood stove or over the fire, which burns all winter.” ~Tasha Tudor…